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What Cross-listed Canadian Companies Need to Know About the Impact of the U.S. Government Shutdown on SEC Operations

As a result of the partial U.S. government shutdown that began on December 22, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), one of nine federal agencies affected, recently published its Operations Plan Under a Lapse in Appropriations and Government Shutdown (, which went into effect on December 27, 2018. The Operations Plan offers important...

Equifax Data Breach: Preliminary Lessons for the Adoption and Implementation of Insider Trading Policies

The recent data breach at Equifax, a major credit rating agency, has provided an unexpected reminder of the importance of well-structured insider trading policies. Following last week’s announcement of the data breach, it was disclosed that certain Equifax executives, including its Chief Financial Officer, sold a portion of their holdings after the cyberattack was discovered,...

Exporting Products Across the Border – Avoiding Product Liability and Other Litigation Risks in the United States

Canadian companies exporting products across the border into U.S. markets face significant risks of litigation or regulatory action arising from products sold and distributed in the United States. In a recent article, our colleague Kent Schmidt outlines ideas for managing these risks and creating a litigation risk profile around the four key areas of vulnerability:...

Resource Extraction Disclosure Requirements are Dumped

Canadian miners and oil & gas companies should be aware that on February 14, 2017, President Trump approved a joint resolution of Congress that disapproved a recent SEC rule requiring specific disclosure by resource extraction issues. The obligation to report was imposed by Rule 13q-1 under the Exchange Act. The rules would have required resource...

New Approach for the Assumption of Options in M&A

A Canadian SEC reporting company that looks to acquire a company with outstanding equity grants in the United States will frequently need to address the question: What alternatives are available for the assumption of the target’s outstanding options or other equity-based compensatory awards? Under U.S. law, both the grant of the equity award and the...

SEC Provides Clarification of Foreign Private Issuer Calculation

For Canadian issuers and their advisers, compliance with U.S. securities laws generally begins with the question: Is the issuer a “foreign private issuer”? The FPI definition, which is set out in Rule 405 under the Securities Act and 3b-4(c) of the Exchange Act, involves the following four inquiries: Are more than 50% of the issuer’s...